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i hope nothing i said came across harsh or pointing my finger at any one
that is never my intention

Replied To: Are you TEAM BREZZY and TREYSANGELS? (Forum topic)
On: May 19, 2011

and as a London angel i can say the angels here do travel if they don't get tickets the london shows sell out so fast and angels travel from liverpool to london is they want a show
i know it's not that far as travelling state to state however it's not our fault our country is smaller

furthermore we want trey to grow in popularity as an artist so that he could be recognised and part of that is making a name for himself over here
not in a bad way and i don't mean any disrespect we don't get cd signing we've never had one even before trey's angels was created
we don't get meet and greet tickets as angels or pre sale tickets
whats even mroe annoying is as true fans we don't even get all his songs performed from the album its more the commercial ones
i went to the 2nd trey concert and from the respond he got at the 1st concert i guess dats why he didnt sing please return my call at the second one

also as there's less of us we hardly ever get followed the majority of follow fridays have been us angels
and we weren't even angry at that so please don't see it as we're getting any further special treatment
trey himself even said in an interview for him being here (uk) etc its on the grind shows interviews etc he treating us as a new market and its back like it's 2005 for him over here
i hope you get more trey things this year but you have all those spring break stuff and trey lives there
hopefully he does something for you guys soon
for us really this is the PPP tour you guys got last year we're only getting it now

but sometimes i think if your both trey and chris you already know chris has got more recognition especially international THUS you should go hard for trey now and then wen trey and chris are at the same level then you can have the dilemma if you love chris more then go for chris

me personally im voting trey and havent been team brezzy

Replied To: Are you TEAM BREZZY and TREYSANGELS? (Forum topic)
On: May 19, 2011


oh btw i think trey does invest time in us
i've met him twice (could be a third i don't count it) now as an angel when i wasn't even suppose to we haven't got any angel meet or greets here or pre sale tickets or any competition etc as being an international angel
so the fact that trey and his team went beyond and allowed us to meeting him etc ect shows even more dedication i doubt it's coz his team saw us complaining about on this site otherwise they would of organised something official

ps it's not just wat trey gives us but i love the family and sister hood we created and in the friendships he's given me well that worth more then £33 to me and it's made my year and my birthday knowing special angels
and that is something i could never repay him for so i guess spending £15 on an album to me is nothing

love my team xx

On: May 19, 2011

darling let's not fall into a trap of arguing
NOT saying you lot are but your all beautiful and intelligent ladies capable of rebuttals which i can see by your posts
i don't want any one to try and provoke any one of my sisters

@QuiteStorm its nice for you that you know trey on a personal level may i asked with this connection why did you become an angel

and i don't think any mad trey knows people he is human it's a basic human need and i hope you actually add something positive to his life
and we know trey has an artist and im cool with that i dont profess to love someone i do not know
and i hope that as a man trey will continue to respect you etc and you will not feel he's been a bad person to you

sorry i think ppl forget trey is a man too he already says he has different sides trigga trey etc
so how he would treat angels i believe is different from how he would treat a groupie or example

and don't take that as a personal dig @quiet storm i can't see someone reading into that in a wrong way i'm merely stating an opinion

lots of angel love

On: May 19, 2011

i realised i never add my twitter if i did sorry it's here @anneanb
@ me please so i can follow you too

On: May 15, 2011
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