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I started my twitter page quite a while back & never got on... but when i found out Trey had a twitter account i came back the 1st angel i followed (not angels at the time) @TreyMadMeYUUUP

Replied To: Who.... (Forum topic)
On: Sep 19, 2011

LOL this was too funny (I like) I think there is a little bit of all these in all of us.... May not always surface but it's there jmo.... As for me I'm fall between BarelyThere/average .... Tryin' to come up in the world as far as interacting more with my angel sista's ... The bond we have is insane (in a good way)

Nice assessment

Replied To: Different Types of Angels on Twitter... (Forum topic)
On: Sep 16, 2011
On: Sep 15, 2011

Count me in, this would be an amazing adventure for us all. Hit me up with details & any help you may need

On: Sep 14, 2011
Replied To: GOOGLE+ HANG OUT *UPDATE* (Blog)
On: Sep 08, 2011
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