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Mr.Neverson, Let me tell you how I have a Biology exam worth 70% of my grade at 8 in the morning yet I feel that I MUST post this. If that doesn't prove that I am your biggest...well I don't want to boost and say biggest...because I've seen those girls and they cray...Im like basically one of your top ones though...Pinky swear. Basically, everyday is Trey day. If you are reading this...I just want to point out I miss your dreads. All I really have is a dollar and a dream, and the dream is to see you :D!! I'll give you the dollar if its worth it...If I had the opportunity to interview, believe that it will be worth your time! Im a Neuro-Psych major therefore I am very anxious to know what really goes through your head when you create your beautiful music. How can one man make something like sticky face sound so beautiful?! I obviously refuse to ask any personal information, or about any females in your life because that would be very bothersome and the whole interview would be at disturbance. I am a jealous person. Loool okay, this post was a fail...I don't have it in me to post like the females below :( BUT I LOVE YOU!!! YOURE SO SEXY SO TALENTED SO YUMMASSS...YOURE TALENTED...BUT GAWDDAMN YOURE BEAUTIFUL!

Okie pick me :D Im gonna tweet you just now. OH ND IM FROM YOUR FAVORITE CITY - TORONTO :) YAY

Annie xo

On: Aug 17, 2012
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