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@Tricia lmao I dont even wanna know!
But I'm glad you went into depth about the topic... Ladies read up!

On: May 05, 2011

@Tricia HIV is possible to transmit through saliva, but it would take GALLONS of spit.
Like you said, wrappin up would protect him from most STDs, though herpes and genital warts can transmit from skin on skin contact.

On: May 05, 2011

I get that alot haha jk. But Its just their initials together, H and T.

On: May 05, 2011

@cara whose to say these chicks didn't come through to his tellie later?

On: May 05, 2011

Trey and his mom are included in that bond...... And Angels that now feel they have this connection want more, and TSMB has already established what these ladies want.
TSMB already been through the drama years ago. Now we're just happy to see Trey grow and we're not going to tolerate the petty, teenage competition that happens within the Angels. Think of all the actual members... and think of Angels who actually participate on THIS board. I'm sure is under 50%.

On: May 03, 2011
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