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there are a few on & there are a bunch hidden throughout
the most are in the "Trey Songz" thread, but there are more are in the Official Dick Report threads.
read up ladies!

Replied To: Have you dug the dirt? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 02, 2011

@babidollface1 : yes, thats Trey. all the pics i have on this website are with Trey.

Replied To: TREY LOOK-A-LIKE is A TreyAngel on here (Forum topic)
On: Jan 02, 2011

what havent i heard? lmao!
have you girls ever been to Lipstickalley? alotttttttta dirt on him in there; alotta rumors tho as well.
here is probably my favorite:
"His dick is large, very large... And he likes to tell you what to do, he gives very specific instructions and praises you if you follow them. But he'll also ask you what you want, and he'll do it, everything. He makes you WANT to do everything he asks, it's like his voice is just so fuckin hypnotizing. He whispers in your ear while he's fucking you. And like I said, he gets aggressive, but he won't hurt you. He'll stop if you ask him to."

hes been wit so many girls but still so many hear this and want him some mo'! i doooo! lol

Replied To: Have you dug the dirt? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 02, 2011

so like as far as the Twitter thing goes... why dont you guys just UNFOLLOW them?

Replied To: The Negativity Must Go!!!!!!!!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Jan 02, 2011

i've been addicted (really, obsessed) to Trey Songz for 5 years. there is no easy cure!!!

Replied To: TREY SONGZ CRAZY (Forum topic)
On: Jan 01, 2011
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Been a loyal and dedicated rider for Trey Songz since he had them long braids; and you already know I rep TSMB! I looove Trey's baby makin' music - skip that "Say Ahh", I fxck with "In The Middle." I stay sniffing for Trey tracks, bet I have every track Trey's been on. It was curtains the first time I heard "I Gotta Make It;" I fell head over heals. I first met Trey in '07 & I've been blessed with his presence a few times since. I got love for the dude cuz he gives just as much, right back. He goes above and beyond to show love. I appreciate what he does for me! I draw portraits, check out some I've drawn for Trey down below; n hit me up if you're interested in your own personal portrait; only $40. "People gon' notice when, focusin on somethin though-provolking, so I boast instead." -TS follow me on Twitter: I'm that #SignificantAngel because I've been at Treys side since the beginning... and I'm not goin nowhere!
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