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love the idea. :)

Replied To: Angel Jackets (Forum topic)
On: Jan 10, 2011

@HisLastTime girl, you got a twitter?

Replied To: Have you dug the dirt? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 10, 2011

yea so i wanted to see who responded to this.... lmao....
and i read a lil bit so heres what i have to say:
if this is what you want to do.... MAKE IT HAPPEN.
dont just sit around and just kinda hope somethin miraculous will happen.


On: Jan 09, 2011

it wont be released.
that was just a track he put down... thats all.

Replied To: the song "Take You Home" (Forum topic)
On: Jan 08, 2011

yea thats the say now number. thats the number in the beginnin of " lol :) ".

On: Jan 07, 2011
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