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most i would pay is $50. hell naw i wouldnt pay no 1500!!!! thats 2 pay checks!!!

Replied To: HOW MUCH WOULD YOU... (Forum topic)
On: Jan 06, 2011

im from Oregon n ima have to be hittin up the Cali shows... follow me! @COOGIdown ! :)

Replied To: Cali Angels (Forum topic)
On: Jan 05, 2011

i think you're thinkin of MeMe's picture. he has funny pics wit a grip of people but thats my most memorable. :)

Replied To: TAKE A PHOTO WITH TREY! (Forum topic)
On: Jan 03, 2011

1st time (nov 07) - he came to do some interviews at B96 radio, i had connects at B96. i was nervous the whooolleee day, then i saw him come in the studio n i was straight. got to chill wit Trey while he did his interviews n then got some 1 on 1 time... he kept givin me they eye had me MELTIN. we chopped it up for a few mins n had a photo shoot (took like 10 pics)... it felt so amazing to hug that guy. he gave me non stop hugs when i first approached him and then when we took pics he kissed my cheek for a pose. he smelled bomb as FXCK.

2nd time (feb 09) - saw him in concert. waitin by the stage after talkin to kenny, who was grabbin bobby for me. someone yellin "aye! you! aye! AYE! c'mereee!" i walk back stage n it was TREY callin me. took pics, exchanged numbers... bobby hml sayin Trey wanted me to come to the tellie. got there, he opened his door shirtless n gave me a bear hug (smelled oooh so good; he said i did) n kissed me all over. greeted my girl similarly, brought me into his room n was showin me MY artwork in his iPhotos... talked for bout 20 mins.
i expected to greet wit Trey, didnt expect to get invited into Tremaines world. lol i got half his wife beater from the concert that night. lol

3rd time (mar 10) - saw him at his Songz 4 Peace event. he talked bout Ms April n i held up my drawing of them, he said "c'mere Ariel" brought it to him n he held it up sayin "this my mumma errone..." :) after his thing i approached him n he hugged me n kissed my forehead. told kenny i was good n told me to hold on on the side. we went to a back room n i came in n someone took a pic of me n him... he complimented my phone skin (of him) n my drawings.
he came back to my city a few months later n i went to the show, got in free VIP *SHOUT OUTS TO CNicole PRgirl!!* Trey came on, spotted me...... sang to me a grip of times. seems like he just kept his eyes on me. lol. threw his wife beat to me but bitches was thirsty. didnt make shit happen that night tho.



Replied To: TAKE A PHOTO WITH TREY! (Forum topic)
On: Jan 03, 2011

i mean not when it started, but when READY was dropped. (or maybe it was PPP).

Replied To: Streaming Chat Room.... (Forum topic)
On: Jan 03, 2011
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Been a loyal and dedicated rider for Trey Songz since he had them long braids; and you already know I rep TSMB! I looove Trey's baby makin' music - skip that "Say Ahh", I fxck with "In The Middle." I stay sniffing for Trey tracks, bet I have every track Trey's been on. It was curtains the first time I heard "I Gotta Make It;" I fell head over heals. I first met Trey in '07 & I've been blessed with his presence a few times since. I got love for the dude cuz he gives just as much, right back. He goes above and beyond to show love. I appreciate what he does for me! I draw portraits, check out some I've drawn for Trey down below; n hit me up if you're interested in your own personal portrait; only $40. "People gon' notice when, focusin on somethin though-provolking, so I boast instead." -TS follow me on Twitter: I'm that #SignificantAngel because I've been at Treys side since the beginning... and I'm not goin nowhere!
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