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September 19

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  • I think they should do something where an Angel can spend a day with Trey. Like maybe once or twice a month have a winner in the area he is set to be in. That would be really cool.

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September 10

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Im a great person and love people. Im so real and faithful to my man Troy. :) im happy w/ what God has blessed me w/ over the years. Trey Songz is a dream cum true. I would love to meet him sumday. First concert ever in my life was on 8.27.10 in Baltimore,MD and fell so hard for Tremaine Neverson. I hope to meet u my 18th bday!
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ill follow you. wuts ur twitter name?

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i got a
Twitter 2 just cause he had one also
but i dont really get on it cause he havent followed me yet so cant wait till he does