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smfh lol you have no life and waaaay too much time on your hands OBVIOUSLY!! i saw this link on twitter and thought it was a joke but i can clearly see you stans are delusional and very serious. like com'on what makes yall think trey wants either one? or if they want him? i've seen waay sexier men (celebs) then him. he has a cocky attitude and is the JR of r.kelly (copy cat) furthermore ...what makes YOU believe lauren gets a childsupport check form wayne for kamron? lmao every black man that has a kid & is not w/ the child mother isnt on childsupport. smh grow up. whoever wrote this or runs this blog needs to get a life OUTSIDE TREY'S LOL this is too much for me hunny. lol smh im done bwahahahaha

Replied To: Team Kelly vs. Team Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Dec 28, 2012
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United States