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Honestly, I am just infatuated with Trey. Not that I'm trying to do anything sexual with him although I would love to remake the "I Invented Sex" video and keep a dvd for myself lol. I think I would be happier to just be friends with him or at least twitter friends to get to know him. Trey seems to be really laid back and relaxed all the time... He's always on his cell and so do I. I love the new style Trey has went towards but I was happy with him in the skull caps and hooded jackets on a real tip. So about me I live in Houston, Texas. A college student at the moment with hopes to graduate in the near future. I go to work everyday to keep up the lifestyle I spend on. Everyonce in awhile I pay for photo shoots to show my changes in style and appearance but nothing too much. My birthday is February 5th and I would love to hear a Happy Birthday from Trey.. I think that would set my birthday right!

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