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Replied To: Trey Songz in Miami! [Video] (Blog)
On: Feb 26, 2013

What you're going to do is create the ambiance, you're going to light the entire living room with candles. You're going to put on some great music (Trey Songz of course), you're going to put rose petals all along the blanket and in the entrance of your house. You're going to create romance as she walks in. You're going to tell her to be at your house at 7:30 p.m. because you have a surprise for her.

Suggest she wear something that makes her feel sexy. She's going to walk in, music will be playing, candles lit all around, and the two of you are going to sit down in the middle of your living room and have a picnic and a bottle of wine. After dinner you're going to direct her into the bathroom while she removes her clothes leading her way to you. You will be there waiting with a rose by the bathtub full of bubbles and candle light. Help her into the bathtub and bathe her oh so softly. Help her out the bathtub, lotion her body all the way down while giving her a full body message. Play and tease her to make her want you soo bad it's unbearable! Place her on the bed covered with rose petals. And daddy will get all the AMAZING goodies as well as Mama!!! ;) LOL It is by far the most romantic Valentine's Day she will ever have.

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