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It would be nice to have a lil contest where the winner gets to talk to Trey over the phone for a lil bit..... : ) i neva really paid alot of attention to him before the recent summer jamz..but after that and really groovin to his songs...i really like him now...i can also see another side to him for some reason....i like him more emotionally than physically...look at me talkin like i know him or let me stop

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On: Jun 27, 2010
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I live in Detroit...Cass Tech senior...I never really paid attention to Trey that much before..but after a few of his songs..and seeing him perform, I Have a new found love for him...i updated my ipod with almost all of his new recent songs...i love them all...alot of fans might see him as this guy but i look at it differently. When I listen to his songs...i say to myself..THATS HOW I WANT is awesome..just a conversation will be enough for
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