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Trey, listening to simply amazing and I had to write in to this contest again beause you are simply amazing. Im not sure if thats allowed or not but Im doing it cause I want this more than anything. I love you so so so so so.. much like it can't be described. Like your thee Trey Songz, who wouldnt love you. Im sure there are people out there but I mean really they dont exist because they even need to be recognized. Anyways, the other night i was laying in bed and I couldnt fall asleep so then I started thinking what I would do If i met you. OMG. I still cant even get it through my head and the sad part is Im not even guaranteed by a hundred that Im going to win so maybe its a good thing I dont, I think I might just end up dying for real! You amaze me by how much you reach out to your fans and how close you are to us. You Trey but your our Trey you know it doesnt feel like were your fans its more like your supporters, your believers, your people will be there with you through the thick and thin. I guess the reason I wouldn't use the word fan is because your more loyal to us than that, you share every step of the way with us. And thats why a lot of us believe in you so much because we know your never going to do anything to disappoint us and you know let us down. Your with us till the end just like were with you till the end!! I hope I get to just talk to you and tell you how wonderful of a person you and how much you have changed my life. I dont have anything to complain about, Im very privileged in what I have, and im not going to lie about that. This would be a dream come true and more importantly a accomplishment. And if this doesnt end up happening this time, theres many more opportunities Ill have and im sure of that. I mean one of these days you will have to put Vancouver on your touring list. Like come on we are a pretty awesome city. but really I hope i get this chance it would mean so so so much like I cant even imagine, It would be beyond a dream come true.

On: Aug 15, 2012

I dont know where to start really. I love Trey a whole lot, cant really explain it to anyone. Ive been a fan of his since day 1 literally. I knew he would be huge one day and its crazy to know how big his fan base is now and thats so exciting. I love him because he's the only celebrity i feel reaches out to his fans beyond anyone ever has. His twitter is filled with RT's and follows and thats amazing. Sadly Im not one of those people but thats okay. Its actually amazing to see all the other fans reactions and one day i know it will be my day. I guess anyone could win this contest and Im not above anyone to win it more. I love him so much and this experience would be beyond anything. I cannot even think about it, like if i met Trey, holy mother I think I would just die like OMG literally die. He's just amazing you know, Its unreal to think of actually meeting TREY SONGZ especially for like a normal person you know his fans just supporting him through his remarkable journey. So i do hope you guys all pick me it would be awesome but then again I wont be disappointed but Trey will always be making music and doing his thing and ill be right there along with him. I'll always be a fan of Trey's, always! Support him through the good and bad. So I hope that reading through this message you guys see Im just a normal girl crazy over trey and It would just make my life even better than it already is. Im thankful for what I have and do not by any means take it for granted. So hopefully ill be waking up to a email/ phone call or something that makes my life, literally!! Either way I hope for this upcoming Chapter 5 Tour Trey decideds to check out VANCOUVER BC CANADA! I know ill be there front and centre cheering him on. So once again I just love Trey a normal fan trying to meet her idol! But who ever gets chosen will be one lucky person, so goodluck to all!! One of his canadian angels will be chosen xxxxxxxx LOVE YOU TREY SONGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Alisha

On: Aug 09, 2012
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I love Trey songz oh so very much...he's the man of my dreams. I love you trey <3