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OK.. so you probably don't read these comments and just pick at random but imma plead my case neway!! I LOVE Trey and AM his biggest fan! I've been a HUGE fan forEVER and made my twitter account in '09 just for him :) I've seen him every time he's come to the UK.. including a random time when he came to LIQUID in Uxbridge lol (really random)!! I also saw him at the 02 with J Holiday n another time with Ne yo.. and the Hammersmith Apollo.. I went to the afterparty at Merah.. and there was a VIP section then the VIP VIP where Trey was!! I HAD to get there..It was actually a 'journey to Trey!' I climbed over sofas.. walked on the back of sofas (in my heels).. climbed on tables.. got squished by crowds.. just to get to Trey! But I MADE IT!! I was in Trey's VIP section! 1 guy that got me into VIP got thrown out but LUCKILY I was allowed to stay yayy! I was like 1 metre away from Trey's head!! :) I really regret not asking for a photo with him tho! :( I SHOULDVE!! At the concert I painted a colourful banner that said 'BRING US ON STAGE' and he said 'you aint ready' lol I WAS READY lol Anyway.. I love his music.. and his attitude and would LOVE to win this competition! He is a great inspiration.. when I see what he acheived and continually acheives it makes me want to do more.. i love when he raps over stuff.. my favourite is his version of Kanye's 'say you will'.. i had that as my ringtone for ages :)
Anyway..I WANNA WIN! lol i also have interviewing and TV experience,, so would be the PERFECT winner!! :) Thanks for reading! Laura, Mwah!

On: Aug 19, 2012
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United Kingdom
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