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You said it best!!! I agree with you, I don't judge anyone but reality and truth is what matters. Im here in Houston TX trying to come up with a way to do something for Trey's Angels just out of appreciation of Him. Trey does his job very well, as an entertainer, but Trey Songz isn't an entertainer 24/7, He also knows life as being,Tramine Aldon Neverson We have to love adore and appreciate him for the Spirit that he is not for the entertainer Trey.....GOD Bless!!!

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On: Feb 06, 2012

Well Im in Texas and final I said Im gonna join this site then Treys Angels because I wanted to be part of something that has a caring humble person behind it and supporting the cause, Anyways lm starting to promote my Logo for my fashion business and maybe I could also incorporate an item or idea of a fundraiser function and present it to whoever is over the marketing for Treys Angels and the proceeds that are taken in we just give it to Treys Angels with a Heart to beneit this organization, but Im up for any suggestions to help you get Treys Angels with a heart Global. God Bless

On: Jan 08, 2012
On: Jan 08, 2012
On: Jan 08, 2012
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Im now 41! Here in Houston Im still in the Fashion business but have taking the steps to be a sole-proprietor hoping to incorporate CJ'sFASHION HOUSE with my Mary Kay website to bring about two businesses under one umbrella. Keeping God 1st he will open doors and/or lead people in your direction to help lift you up and motivate you. Im a living witness-I don't have all the moneies I need but God is helping me get it started. Be encouraged!!! I love Trey Songz God has Blessed him with a talent that I adore, singinning! I hope to one day have Trey sing to me, sing Love Faces, Im ready Trey Songz.
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