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really? im trying to meet them.

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On: Mar 16, 2012

Hey @nalston iKnO im really late on the reply but did you request me on FB or twitter as yet ?

On: Jan 17, 2011

Hey Anqels, iAqree and support the donating of money to those in need such as our two fellow anqels listed abovee. Anythinq else tht iCan do to help please inform

Twitter: @_OPALsoCHiNKY_
Facebook: Ashley Hamlet

I also came up with an iDea to help those in need financially and that has to do with scholarships. I can speak for myself at the moment [ and any other angel who is in this predicament ) that is going to be starting college soon but due to financial crisis cannot afford to attend a school of their choice mainly because it requires too much money. scholarships for young women/men that carry aa qudd academic record, leadership abilities and community service abilities should be qualified. once aqain this is just a suggestion that I have brought to the Angels Team but no response "/

On: Jan 09, 2011

heyy follow me too (:


whts yur FB ?

On: Jan 09, 2011
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My Name is Ashley , iLive in the NYC [ queens ) . iLove Pink and iAm in LOVE with Tremaine Neverson aka Trey Songz :-D . iAm aa senior in hiqh school waiting to qraduate and hopefully attend Daemen Colleqe (:
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