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WHICH ONE OF YALL GOING HOME WITH TRIGGAAAA!?!??! NOT ME COZ IM UNDERAGE :-) hey flava! by now im hoping i have your attention, if i dont then..
hurdle hurdle (laughing samoans) come closer to my comment and not the other ones ;-)
lol anyways i know this may be a late entry but i had to wait for my internet to go fast, do you
know how annoying it is going on the internet and its like uber slow -.- ANYWAAAAAYS
OMG PICK ME TO MEET TREY PLEEEEASE FLAVA! i bought my usher tickets just to see Trey but then he didnt even end up coming, waaah :( i admit i used to stalk his wikipedia page when i was in intermediate and i knew EVERY detail about him, i would write it down but you guys would probly think i just copied and pasted :p (Tremaine Aldon Neverson, born november 28 1984 in petersburg, virginia USA) hehe i went through a phase where all i would do was eat, live, breathe Trey. kinda still going through that phase now ^_^ obviously im a huge fan otherwise i wouldnt have written this, anyways the one reason i really wanna meet Trey is because you get to interview him right? well one of the questions that i would ask him is "would he ever consider doing a song that would speak to his young teenage fans" i would type the actual question but some sneaky people might steal it :z Treys music is VERY seductive as everyone knows, hes such a *say in mexican voice*saucy senor AI-AI-AI haha, but i recon if he did a song that spoke to young teen girls and boys about staying true to yourself and stuff, that would earn him alot of respect, i dunno tho, just a thought :-) anyhoos sorry flava, i tried to make this a short comment coz i know you have heaps to read, but it looks like i failed lol. CHOOSE ME (Amelia Smith) TO MEET TREY COZ MY COMMENT IS COOL, TREY ALLDAAAY ERRRDAAAAY :-D ♥

On: Aug 15, 2012
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New Zealand