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B. Jaye


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B. Jaye
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"Here... listen to this, you'll like him..." My brother handed me a burned CD and said this to me back when Gotta Make It came out.. I've been hooked ever since! ~Success is inevitable~
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Thanks girl...I hope I get my follow too. I just got to keep the video streaming til Friday and I think I may have a

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Lol I ain't buy VIP I ain't got that type of money. I just got up really early to try and get good tix

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im in C. im tryna find someone in my same row since i had to go by my self =(.. it should be fun tho

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hey B.jaye where are your seats for the concert

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I really admire your Photo you had with Trey and i also appriciate you having sincere feelings of wanting other Angels to have the same opprotunity, that was so sweet of you. What was your experiance, what happened...I hope i have this chance too!

(*_~ < 3 ) *lovefaces*
@babidollface1 on twitter