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Hey mZ mochaO6 sounds good, how early are you talking about taking the pic... i think it wud be great after the concert being that alot of people may be running late(u know how that is) people trying to get in..lined up etc etc, plus some will be Vip and they may have to come super early! Great Idea :)
Im Babidollface1 and id like to link up with some NICE angels

Replied To: Chicago Angels (Forum topic)
On: Feb 02, 2011

He wants more followers now but he clearly had a gang of followers before people started saying it was Trey! I witnessed alot of Angels spreading the rumor on twitter that he was Trey! I think he just ran with it!!!

Replied To: EVERYBODY LISTENIN UP!!! (Forum topic)
On: Feb 02, 2011

Trey doesnt have a problem with him Faking to be Trey so i dont thisnk no one eles should either..let people do the stuff they do! As Trey said he dont respond to ignorance. Dont be so passionate about convincing people let him DO Him..Trey is not invincible and he see whats going on in here and on Twitter. Trey has Eyes and Informants reporting to him everyday so take it Easy and have FUN!!

Replied To: EVERYBODY LISTENIN UP!!! (Forum topic)
On: Feb 02, 2011

NO.................that looks like his little brother
two...they didnt even show their hands,
Third they have technology and they add shiii to pics!!!
Fourth if Trey was on that you definitely wouldnt get a picture of it!!!

This was a waste of a Post/discussion
SMH #fckery

On: Feb 02, 2011

@BUTTA :) yes trey we'll be good angels and angel a month!! I love it < 3 *let us pray*

Replied To: Winner GETS 72hours with TREY! (Forum topic)
On: Feb 02, 2011
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TREYSOULMATE:I am truly in love with Trey Songz ,Trigga,Tremaine Aldon Neverson! My dreams and prayers are to meetup with u and go on an actual date(lbvmfs), see where that takes us! I'm a Lover and A fighter, a fierce but sweetLION (Leo)!!! Trey is a Sagitarius&if given chance..he'll be mine and i put $ on that LADIES&GENTS!! I believe he's my soulmate and we are destined to be together!! ANGELS:As nicki said "be careful who you pick fights with" (*_~ <3) lovefaces baby! ;*) TREY:I love you from the depts of my soul, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.My Angelw/heart Mission is you.Im on a mission for you Baby ! JUST GOTTA MAKE IT TO YOU!! Gd is in this! I am your soulmate i am what yu have forever een missing.The women you come across throughout ur career&prvate life with never complete u. There will always be something missin in them becus I AM MEANT OR U! We're made2B2GETHER! Keep checking on me Trey,there's always something waiting here on my profile for you!
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