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Wow, i believe these are rumors. Just because a guy and a girl are photographed together don't mean a thing. It's one set of pictures from a night club doesn't reveal more than they were at the same party.

On: Dec 22, 2009

i dont understand the purpose of twitter
nor have i tried it, been to the site, or anything having to do with the twitting

Replied To: twitter for trey (Forum topic)
On: Nov 10, 2009

I think reality tv is for those who've been out of the spotlight for a while and need to find a way to boost their starpower. And the dating reality shows are surely a no go, because as soon as it's over and he doesb't stick with the girl of choose the "right one" people gone get emotional about it and then a stupid season 2 will come along. Trey too hot for a dating reality show unless it's truly a dating show, unlike the possed "love shows"

On: Nov 10, 2009

Hi, Im Keisha, 24, from Atlanta, joined the board last yr as MySunshine but forgot my log-in info

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On: Nov 10, 2009

Well i've always liked his music and of course thought he was pretty cute but it wasn't until I saw him at club Opera in Atlanta in Sept 2008 that I really became a serious fan. I've never been a big fan of anyone or anything (i take most things very casually). Seeing/Hearing him in person was such a wow factor because it wasn't just some editing to make him sound or look good. He is truely talented and looks better in person than in photos. But his commitment to his passion and his fans is what I "love" about him.

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On: Nov 10, 2009
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