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Replied To: ANGELS NEEDED (Forum topic)
On: Jun 07, 2011
On: Jun 03, 2011

@Katrina: you can ask her the same question. I haven't seen any info on her Twitter page, she DMs me the info.

@JIMS: you would have to get in contact with Trey739freak, she sends me all of the info. I'm not sure who else is involved, but I'm sure she won't turn a fellow Angel away.

Replied To: I have a question.... (Forum topic)
On: Jun 02, 2011

Follow Trey739freak on Twitter, she might have some info for you. We, Louisiana Angels, are doing an Angels mission on July 3. I hope that she can help you.

Replied To: I have a question.... (Forum topic)
On: Jun 01, 2011

I personally don't care if he is gay, his music is straight (pun intended). It's his life, I don't have to lay next to him every night. No matter what his preference is, he is still a man, and I will respect him as that. Since when did we stop having the freedom of choice. God and his Mother loves him regardless, and if you are a true fan, you will do the same. Just because he is a celebrity, doesn't mean that we have the right to be all up in his business. He makes music for us, he doesn't live for us. Let the MAN live HIS life. Good day and many blessings to all.

Replied To: rumors say that he is gay (Forum topic)
On: May 26, 2011
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