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I would like to thank everyone for all of the kind words of encouragement. I'm happy that my story touched you ladies in such a positive way. My hope is that someone else may be moved to take a stand against bullying. I know that my son is not the only child that has gone through this ordeal, he is just the youngest that I have come in contact with. He will be my spokesperson so that we can reach out to kids in his peer group. My cousin has come up with an awesome logo for this movement. It will consist of two angels, with one reaching out its hand to the other. The name will be on the front with "I'll be there" under it. The participant's name will be on the upper left side, over the heart. The back will have the statement: "I wear my pride on my chest," which will be referring to their name. This will represent the pride that they have in themselves. My hope is to touch many different groups of people from all walks of life. On a more personal note: I have been moved by the courage that my son has displayed by standing up for what he knows is right. My brother also inspired me to extend my voice even further. My brother is gay and living with AIDS. I have a very diverse family, so I cannot turn my back on anyone. I have to open my heart to all, and I wish that you will see this as a work of GOD and not the work of one woman on a mission. I was sent on this mission by GOD, so I know that it will be successful, he will not let me fail. Again thanks to all that have left a comment and all that may leave one later. I will keep you all posted on how everything is going, and if there is any way that I can help anyone, please contact me via this site, twitter, or my email. Twitter: @BaybeeGirlG Email: Thanks and have a blessed day.

On: Mar 11, 2011

I'm starting a self esteem peer group. It will be an outreach group for the youth in my community. I will be doing a group study with the schools in my area, to get the students' opinions. I'm asking for my fellow Angel sisters to help me with some ideas and opinions. I am planning on calling it Angels With Pride, and am getting a logo made. I am also getting t-shirts made for the participants. I wanted to know if it would be legal to use the Treys Angels and Trey Songz name and brand in my speech and group study. Can you please email the info to me at

On: Mar 08, 2011


On: Mar 08, 2011


On: Mar 08, 2011

OMG!!! I really love this story. It is one of the greatest that I've read so far. I actually read part 2 first, because I could not locate the first part. Can't wait for the conclusion of that one. I hope that you will be doing more stories. I hope that this inspired more writers to put their stories on here. All other writers, please post the links to your stories to make it easier for us to locate them. You ladies are truly talented. Thanks for sharing your passion with us.

On: Mar 06, 2011
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