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my twitter is @simplysumari
I really want more angel followers because other people just get annoyed when I talk about Trey all day. They don't understand!

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On: Jan 07, 2013

I really enjoyed the movie until Trey died, after that it was just too gross and I had no one hot too look at. The reason why i am glad Trey was given that role instead of anyone else's is because of the way he died. Lets face it, we all knew he was going to die, it's a horror movie. I like the fact that we didn't have to watch him get cut up into little pieces and he just had an car accident.

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On: Jan 07, 2013

I'm still sort of a newbie angel...I fell in love with his music with Gotta Go, but it was the 2009 BET awards Ojay's tribute where I really started to love him as a person.

On: Nov 25, 2012

Have you got the email about the presale code yet? i havent got it! :(

On: Oct 18, 2012

Fumble is definitely my favorite, but next in line is bad decisions and almost lose it!

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On: Sep 17, 2012
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I am 17 and I love Trey so much! I am definitely college bound and I love dancing! I met Trey twice this passed summer 2012 and I talk about him so much I know everyone around me gets annoyed. Going to various different concerts is like my favorite thing to do. I also have a very nice hand drawn picture of Trey that he signed for me.
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Trey Songz, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, The Ojay's, Frankie Beverly featuring Maze
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