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with all due respect to Trey i think that he strokes his female fans a little bit but its because sex sells and we cant expect him to be alone and i dont think he is....even tho he portrays himself as this sex guy "ill beat it up good 4 ya" i dont think that he is this fact i think he may be married to helen and when we find out it kinda hurts cuz its like mann wat the heck but the reality of the situation is he is not gonna be with any of his fans...if he did that then i would consider him on the crazy side cuz lets face it: when he was on ustream and then just clicked off, :0 i almost lost my mind i went through so many negative emotions that i realized this is very even tho i hate the idea i have to be realistic and find my own happiness and not base it off of somebody who i will probably never talk to or even see in person : ( goes on

Replied To: What's up with Helen (Forum topic)
On: Oct 23, 2011
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I first became of fan of Mr. Songz when i saw him on on J Cole record " Can't get enough" and thats when i got all starry eyed and i since have went out to collect two albums of his Passion Pain and Pleasure and also just recently bought "Ready"....Im 21 years old i go to college majoring in Science and Art...and im glad Mr. Songz makes music...his voice is beautiful and i hope he continues to make music
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