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Replied To: STAR ANGEL (Blog)
On: Feb 15, 2011

I love how they were (not exactly) "caught red-handed." Nice ending touch.

Replied To: Love Faces Video ()
On: Feb 15, 2011

The best gift you could give Trey is by completing an Angels With Heart mission in his name. That would mean the world to him. Be sure to take pics and vids when you do it! :D

On: Feb 11, 2011

A few thoughts...

1.) Bloggers love to post false and inflammatory posts. Why? Because they know fans will react, visit the website and comment. When we post links (like the one above), we're helping them out by giving them more page hits. The more page hits they get, the more influential they become. The more influential they become, the more likely they will continue to post similar false stories to keep us coming back. Sometimes the best thing to do is to ignore their negativity all together.

2.) Even though I do not think Trey was holding hands with the individual in the picture, SO WHAT if he was?! Does that make Trey any less talented? Does it make you like his songs less? Does it change your overall opinion of Trey as a person? I sincerely hope that it wouldn't.

Trey would be talented even if his skins was neon orange and he wore a strobe light on top of his head.

On: Feb 05, 2011

You're right. Trey would not appreciated the negativity coming from his Angels. After all, we are Trey's ANGELS not Trey's DEVILS.

Trey's Angels go HARD for Trey, and Team Breezy goes just as hard for Chris. Because of the similarities between Trey and Chris (age, location, music genre, etc) it's easy for the industry to pit one team against the other. However, just because they do it doesn't mean we have to play into their games.

Simple fact of life is, people are always going to disagree with other people. It's how you handle the disagreement that builds character and shows maturity.
We don't need to argue with Team Breezy over "who is better" because obviously Trey fans will think Trey is the best (because we're right :p) and Chris fans will think he is the best. It's not a battle that can be won (as you're not likely to change anybodies mind) so it's not a battle worth participating in.

If you see a Chris fan trying to pick a fight, ignore them. And if you see another Angel trying to pick a fight, politely remind them that what they're doing goes against the beliefs of Trey's Angels and how Trey would like his fans to act on his behalf.

Again, we're Angels not Devils, so lets continue to be positive! :)

Replied To: Seriously ()
On: Feb 05, 2011
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