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Replied To: I Invented Sex (Video)
On: Jan 23, 2010

them Pisces make em say... "girl, you naassssssstEE" in a good way !

Replied To: REP UR ZODIAC SIGN . <<GEMINI>> WOO HOOO (Forum topic)
On: Dec 27, 2009

Store Run... Thats my ish

On: Dec 27, 2009

Cali girls are the bestest- We're so GOLDEN ! No ifs, ands or but(t)s, or are there? Lmao ! So, Yuuup im repp`n my hometown :-d

On: Dec 27, 2009

What doesnt... LoL :-). I personally LOVE Trey's way with words.I mean eye candy is a complete understatment, and his body... O-M-G! But on a serious note, Trey's music is truly amazing. There is no mystery that he is extremely passionate about his craft, as any artist is expected to be. But with Trey, he really does wonders. His music is so magical to me. I mean it really does "something" ;-) to me.You can tell Trey has actually experienced the things he sings of, because its so heartfelt. Trey gives you a piece of him through his testimony, and I just love it. I guess its hard to be real these days, but not with him. Whether he feels heartache and pain, or complete bliss, you feel it with him, because he conveys his emotion just that well thru his words. When im rollin thru the city (& Trey is always in HEAVY rotation in my whip) I have to look around the car to make sure that I am still alone, I mean his presence is just felt. Like when he sings of "touching a woman the way she NEEDS to be touched", I can almost feel his fingertips on my skin. Or, When he asks "does he do it... like i do it"? I almost wanna answer the speakers. LoLz I have loved Trey's music from day 1ne, and will continue to forever. Trey is the man period, point-blank. He has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he is R E A D Y! & Mr. Songz, ready is my middle name so if ever in need of a real one.... LoL :-). Keep doin what you do baby, you do it just that well ! Much Love

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 27, 2009
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I was born Precious LaStar Lovett.(ever since the movie, Ive been callin myself "the real Precious" LoL). Why? you ask... because i am just that... Real. I am 21 years of age and reside in Californ-i-a as I have all of my life. Cali girls are the bestest ! About me... hmmm... I am just ME ! A regular girl with a regular life. I am a full-time student studying to become a teacher, I also work full-time at a hotel. So im usually a pretty busy young lady. But when im not working or studying, I just like to have fun! Whether that be hangin w/my girls, or just chillin w/ the fam bam (the most important thing in the world to me). It doesnt take much to make me happy, its just the simple things in life. I always try to keep a positive state of mind, because negativity is of the devil, and complaining has never gotten anyone anywhere. So I just roll w/ the punches and let HIM guide me on this journey. Life itself is a blessing, for which i am truly grateful.Im just ME!