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Replied To: "COVER: Trey Just Did It" (Blog)
On: Mar 31, 2010
Replied To: Trey Songz - Til The Day I Die (Video)
On: Mar 27, 2010
On: Mar 27, 2010

At the age of 24 and up, i would but i wouldn't want to be in the spotlight or anything. it isnt me. i would do housewife stuff like cook, clean, take the kids to school, go to soccer games, travel with him and choir shows. read bedtime stories and stuff like that. maybe help behind the scenes but like on the red carpet? uuumm no not interested it would be Trey's thing. i would keep a regular job and be normal unless he insisted or something like.

Replied To: WOULD U HAVE A BABY BY TREY SONGZ? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 25, 2010

uuummm lol lol lls!
i would tell him doggy style but flip him like a pancake so many times he would n't be able to tour next day....|DISCLAIMER: that is if he was my husband gotta keep it some what christian...Lord forgive me.

On: Mar 25, 2010
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