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Replied To: Trey Songz - Store Run (Live) (Video)
On: Feb 27, 2010
Replied To: I Invented Sex (Video)
On: Feb 19, 2010

well as a mrs.trigga myself i feel that its just good ole fashion FUN ya know like when u dance in front of the mirror to music u like FUN or when u eat ice cream FUN. but yea thats why we have Facebook or twitter or myspace to express our own identities and if u got the HOTs for Trey which most gals do its fun to claim the title esp if u r buying his stuff. as long as u r not on the news saying that u r his estranged girlfriend/future wife who lost her memory and is slowly getting it back...then u r fine.

Replied To: I think its pretty Funny (Forum topic)
On: Feb 19, 2010
Replied To: Trey Songz performs one love (Video)
On: Feb 18, 2010
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