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@#SplendidAngel Yeah, I think if you're involved in the whole beef be it retaliation or instigation, your maturity is in question. & that is a great idea to give an award to Trey from his fans.

@JIMS I don't believe in that whole bandwagon fan crap. If you support Trey, you support Trey period, regardless of when you became a fan. & That's exactly what I was saying about Trey staying true to R&B, but R&B is not what most people are considering "what's hot". End result, R&B artists don't get as much credit as I think they deserve. It makes me miss the 90s and makes me feel old, but oh well. I miss good R&B music.

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On: Jun 22, 2011

I would love to see Trey on the cover of Essence. I know he would love it too, how happy he was talking about getting to preform at their music festival again. lol

On: Jun 22, 2011

I saw a post about this a few days ago; I guess this is just a hot topic right now. NEway - I'm so use to seeing members of Team Breezy who don't like Trey always bashing him, so this has been news to me about the Angels starting mess. I've seen them in it, though. & I don't mean to step on toes, but because of the things I've seen Team Breezy do, I've always thought the majority of TB was immature. I am definitely not saying the Angels are the mature ones or that there are no mature members of TB, so don't think that. But because of Team Breezy, the barbz, and bieber people, I've never wanted to claim a team, and I just consider myself a fan of whoever I like. Bottom line--I don't really care who argues with who because it's everywhere no matter where you go, and I know I can't control what others do or say. I only rock with people who are positive and ignore everything else.

Why I think there is a beef, people take this team crap too seriously and end up making everything a competition. "My favorite artist is better than yours. #TeamWhoever all day! We stay winning!"

This Forrest and Alex situation I don't know anything about and don't care to. I support Trey. I'm not trying to be in his family's business like that.

As for the awards, regardless of both of their talents, I've stopped believing awards are given out based on talent and it's all a popularity contest. Award shows don't even care who they put into categories anymore.

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On: Jun 22, 2011


On: Jun 14, 2011

@trinaa that's exactly what I'm saying. I'm more into vocals than dancing. I like seeing Chris dance, but I love hearing Trey sing. So Chris's dancing really isn't a plus to me. I'll always pick vocals over dancing despite who the two artists are. But hey people like what they like. As far as going, if it was to happen I would go, just not for Chris though.

On: May 21, 2011
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I not a person for drama or hate talk of any kind. I prefer to show class and maturity at all times. I'm a realist and I only tolerate others' fantasies and thoughts because I understand and respect that everyone doesn't think like me. Musically, I'm a fan of R&B (not any Chris B. type pop&b) and Old School music---and whatever Florence and the Machine, Kings of Leon, and Little Dragon would be classified as. Trey Songz is my favorite artist out right now even though I don't think he's the best singer anymore. I have love for him despite his "flaws." Extra shit---I love to read, write, and learn. & I'm steps away from enlistment.
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