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I know I unfollow because of what I'd consider complete idiocy. I'm sorry. I just have no patience for the type of foolishness I see some people involved in or constantly RTing or typing themselves. I'm not referring to being a fan of multiple artists though. Trey isn't the only male artist I have love for. & I haven't even unfollowed any Angels for supporting both or any other artists. I will admit that it's slightly irritating when an Angel is more of a fan of Trey's than an Angel when it comes to things like this between Chris & Trey. I'll never knock someone for who they like, but I'm irritated by those certain on-off Angels. & it is an abundance of them or Trey would had more going ham for him in the Singers voting that was just going on. I try not split Trey's fans up between fans and Angels, but being an Angel ultimately means you want to pay that extra and do that extra for Trey. I don't want to believe anyone paid solely to be "called" an Angel. & I'm really not trying to take away from any supporter that's not an Angel considering the fact that just because you're not an Angel doesn't mean you don't love Trey as much or won't go just as hard. Anyway, that's my only issue with the Breezy Angel thing, but hey...

Now my biggest issue is the AMAs & Chris even being in the Soul/R&B category and Pitbull being in the Pop and Rock. I really won't believe anybody who tells me either of them was placed in the right category.

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On: Oct 11, 2011
On: Oct 10, 2011

@JIMS I love Love Safari. I don't care how old it gets, it will never get played out to me.

& @TEE Yes Ma'am! That would be my song for him to sing too. I just love to hear him sing that song. The song itself is a classic to me, and his vocals are amazing.

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On: Oct 10, 2011

@Cuttigurl That is the best description. That just makes me smile thinking about it LOL.

Replied To: Are you REALLY a fan??? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 10, 2011

I know I voted everyday, but I did vote for Sammie and Jeremiah. I had to show love to them. & I can't lie I was bothered too that a lot of fans didn't vote, but I'm happy he won. I do wish there was more of a demand for Trey, and I know that has to come from his fans.

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On: Oct 09, 2011
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I not a person for drama or hate talk of any kind. I prefer to show class and maturity at all times. I'm a realist and I only tolerate others' fantasies and thoughts because I understand and respect that everyone doesn't think like me. Musically, I'm a fan of R&B (not any Chris B. type pop&b) and Old School music---and whatever Florence and the Machine, Kings of Leon, and Little Dragon would be classified as. Trey Songz is my favorite artist out right now even though I don't think he's the best singer anymore. I have love for him despite his "flaws." Extra shit---I love to read, write, and learn. & I'm steps away from enlistment.
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