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I would make a post in the "We Want To Hear From You" thread and try to contact the Trey's Angels twitter account. But I don't know anything pass that. I know I'd be feeling some kind of way about it though.

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On: Aug 31, 2011

LOL more power to you with your job honey, but that was funny.

Replied To: S\O to @Trey Songz ()
On: Aug 29, 2011

What type of events are people wanting is my question. General meet and chill with Trey or win a date/night out with Trey type of Angel event?

On: Aug 20, 2011

I understand the legality of the rules, and I also understand how the underage Angels feel. It's unfair to be an angel and not be able to go to the angel events. Sponsors make the rules for the events though, and because of legal reasons and/or all types of liabilities, I don't think the age restriction is too much for certain events that happen. Regardless of maturity on anyone's part or it being an Angel's event, that sponsor is going to look out for themselves as they should. & I don't know if I agree with having so many age separated events either because I'm just thinking there are events that are appropriate for all ages if certain things are kept in check. I mean there could be a Angel's With Heart beach party, bowling night, dinner, cookout at a park or where ever. I don't know. I'm 24 and just thinking about things I enjoy doing with my family, so this could just be me. What would be the different things 13-20 year old angels would be doing per designated age groups or is it certain age groups just don't feel they could enjoy things of other aged groups?

On: Aug 20, 2011

I'm on an Isley Brothers kick so I'd say Drifting On A Memory and Between The Sheets.

& @Lady Luck That's my song "I Want To Be Your Man". I listen to that every night lol. That and Emotions.

On: Jul 22, 2011
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