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I love "Undeniable" and "Further Than I Am". Those are really good suggestions.

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On: Jul 22, 2011

@Numba1Hon LMAO!! My brother just said he could hear all the Angels screaming if something did happen to him. He was joking but he said Trey's Angels should plan a Trey Day for opening night and call it Trey Debut, and then he said at the first sign of danger for Trey he knows the angels would fall out. LMAO!!! His mean self thinks that would be so funny, but I would be laughing too. I can't lie and say I won't be fazed by seeing something like that though. But I wonder how many Angels would do a "Trey Debut" lol. That could be the support system if something was to go awry. & OMG @ multigellitinous blue opague carnivorous alien lol

@Essence711 IKR! That would be a sexy look for Trey. Y'all are coming up with some good ideas.

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On: Jul 21, 2011

I wonder how he'd handle a paranormal movie. I don't know how eagerly I'd go to see that one though. Insidious and Paranormal Activity 2 scared the mess out of me. & my friend had to drag me to see both of those.

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On: Jul 21, 2011

In the TCM movies that I've seen everyone but one usually dies, especially the last two Texas Chainsaw movies. That's why I'm thinking everybody might go down in this movie. So I'm just going to enjoy him as a lead character in the movie, and hopefully he'll get more leading roles in other movie genres soon enough. I'm really excited about seeing this already. I want to see him on the big screen.

@Numba1Hon You got me waiting on every one of those movies you just created interesting plots for, especially the vampire one. I just need it to not be Twilight crappy. lol & yeah I know a lot of fans would be upset about Leatherface cutting Trey with that chainsaw. They have to let Trey's character have some fight in him. I don't want him going to go investigate nothing either.

Replied To: Trey Songz Acting Debut ()
On: Jul 21, 2011

I think that is a good idea for a movie @JIMS. I love movies like that. & I would be at the set at least twice if I lived where they were filming @OhSoLuhvlee. lol. & y'all got me rolling with how y'all getting on Trey in Yo Side of The Bed and "RUN TREY THEY GONNA KILLLLLL YOU!!!" lmao!!

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On: Jul 19, 2011
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