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I am a South African Born young female, from Johannesburg. I am a model, a theatre actress, a Nelson Mandela young Ambassador for the Nelson Mandela children's fund. I am a Public Relations Guru and Publicist, and I also do events in the entertainment industry. I love listening to music, reading a lot, blogging, tweeting, and just doing research on new trends. But most of all I am huge Trey Songz Fan! ever since I was a teen, from his single "just gotta make it" I fell in love with Trey's music, and I have been buying album after album! I was so excited when he was announced to be coming to South Africa to perform at the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg, I bought a golden circle ticket just so I could be infront and see him. I also saw him at the After Party at Taboo Club in Sandton, I am a die Hard fan and I always will be! #TeamTrey for Life!! :)
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