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Replied To: Happy Birthday Trey Songz! (Blog)
On: Nov 28, 2009
Replied To: I Invented Sex (Video)
On: Nov 06, 2009
On: Oct 31, 2009

If Trey ever got to sing one of his songs to me it would be his song "It Would Be" why because if you listen to the song it's basically telling you if he could have anything in this world he would choose you and the song has a lot of meaning to it it's very self explanatory Trey has heart and a very beautiful mind set and that song is very beautiful I would advise everyone to listen if you haven't! Yuup!!!!!!!!!!1

On: Oct 30, 2009
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Well my Locks are pretty much longer now that was a year ago pic of me b4 Christmas. I am currently in a relationship and I'm also in training for security. I will be attending college next fall at ECC in New Jersey for Medical.