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@ MsJ....I am blunt and to the Yeah...I agree with everyone on here too...I just wanted to see what other people thought.

Replied To: Wonder what his mama thinks? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 21, 2010

Hey Welcome...Its only you...but damn...NOW YOU GONNA GET MORE ATTENTION TO THE REST OF US. :-D.

Replied To: QUESTION (Forum topic)
On: Oct 20, 2010

If you go to I think its atlantic website..they have info on who to contact for booking.

Replied To: Trey Booking Info (Forum topic)
On: Oct 20, 2010

Coogi...oh lord I didnt see that youtube. Yeah..Im pretty sure she is used to it @ LadyAJ. No matter what I know she is proud of him.

Replied To: Wonder what his mama thinks? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 20, 2010 you go AGAIN. You know none of us really know Tremaine. Only those of us who personally know him...will know him. He's allowed to have a private life...but we are allowed to believe he is what we want him to be. Obviously this man truly upset you in some way because you are always "spitting truth" but really putting him down everytime you post. If your not a fan...maybe you should go to another website and discuss your issues with Tremaine...but here...WE ALL LOVE HIM..AND WANT TO KEEP IT ALL LOVE IN HERE.

Replied To: WHO REALLY KNOWS TREMAINE? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 19, 2010
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