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u wot? bitch who r u more like, how the fuck u gna kno me and tel wt did i say dat was gay? dumb bitch fuck outta here u ugly sket!

Replied To: Trey you mutha skunk! (Forum topic)
On: Dec 16, 2009

treys husband? bitch please!

n i had to wait weeks for this album, like over a month, didn't even download it either, and I paid £16 for it, thats what u call a real fan!

Replied To: Trey you mutha skunk! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 08, 2009
On: Oct 19, 2009

I don't mean to murk trey off, but if he is goin against R kelly using the auto-tune thing, then why does trey use auto-tune on "blame it remix", "I'm so paid remix" and I think there's another one

Replied To: did everybody like how trey diss r kelly (Forum topic)
On: Aug 12, 2009

imma dude, i luv trey no homo lol

On: Aug 12, 2009
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