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i would tell him i ws too nd we culd be each others firsts. then we'd go to my bedroom, play love faces or massage, nd my neighbors wuld definitely kno his name

On: Nov 23, 2010

boy- Torak Mitchel Neverson
girl- Renn Aldson Neverson

On: Nov 23, 2010

i would ask him wtf he was doin there first. then offer to take his shirt off, nd well, i thnk everyone knows where it would go from there, haha

On: Nov 23, 2010

yea, cuz hes still sexy, nd he seems like a really nice person. i think id like him better if he wasnt famous, cuz then every girl in da world wuldn't be after my man. nd he culd stay home wit da fam

On: Aug 04, 2010

yea, bt it wuld be hard for him to meet mrs right if she wasnt famous, unless she got bakstage passes nd actually met him

On: Aug 04, 2010
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i think me loving trey and his music is all this website needs to know
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