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Briana Alexis Songz


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On: May 26, 2011
On: Feb 14, 2011

Hey, my name is Briana and i just wanted you yo know that all the music that u have made is amazing!!!!! I think from Gotta Make It days You now have everyone knowing your name!!!!! I am Truley your number 1 Fan Love ya Trey! Keep up what your doing ill be a singer one day!!!

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On: Feb 06, 2011
On: Jan 24, 2011

Well from the jump in 05' Trey was the IT factor of my life i knew he was going to have girls all over him i loved him with the brids and the fade, Hell i love him period point blank, Cant wait till 9/14/10

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On: Aug 31, 2010
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Briana Alexis Neverson
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In Love With Trey Songz!!!
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