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September 1

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  • trey , I don't know if I sent u the right picture , dam , I was sitting infront of church sinners have to pray too. keep singing the love songs , that is how i see u just love bridgetg.

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trey , u are a beautiful person , I love the way u say baby to your mother.what people fail to no about u , u have been out. the song with jim jones , summer in miami, u sang the shit out that song . like u did successful . I have been to your show in the bronx with u a tyrese , I knew u were going to be real big .my name is bridgetg , I love the way u love and respect your fans u will always be on top for loving your family and fans other stars don't treat us like u do . that's what makes u that guy love bridgetg
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u old wrinkle pussy bitch

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i can come all i want all i have to do is tell trey and he can delete your page like that... u forgot im married to him hoe

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look i dont care wat ur old ass saii he is my husband i u want to get fucked up keep talkin shit out your mouth

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know one can't tell me what to say on my on computer. u tell that to all his fans like he said all over the world, u are stupid . Trey, u have fools out here who will mess up your fans club. because of this dumb ness . shut up dam fool.

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look old bitch u so old u fart dust throuh yo nose so look me is married damn