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following you @brittbee886

Replied To: Looking For More Angels ()
On: Feb 16, 2011

Hello.... welcome to the fam i will follow you now im @britbee886

On: Feb 16, 2011

WTF.... THAT BITCH RAN HIM OVER... omg girl u got me going thru it i forgot i was reading a story... keep it comin i gota know what happens next...ugh i need a moment

Replied To: Wonder Woman Pt 4 ()
On: Oct 07, 2010

MORE!!!!!! i hope she makes him sweat but great job so far

On: Oct 03, 2010

Trey has finally reached that superstar status and all these rumors are just a reflection of that. As angels we need to just keep doing what we doing...tell all them hatin ass people to shut the fuck up and get a life. all they tryin to do is hope for trey to fall. but i know that none of us is gonna let that happen so LET THEM HATERS HATE. all it says to me is that trey has finally arrived

Replied To: Dumb Rumors About Trey ()
On: Oct 02, 2010
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