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Well I was at trey concert last night in Memphis,TN and actually got backstage to meet him in person before the show.. And I absolutely adore him, he is very sweet and kind person. I took pictures with him with my cousins and we all took pictures by our self with him and I was so happy to finally meet him. When he hugged me i didnt want him to let me go, I really wanted a kiss but was to shy to ask...I love trey as a person, Im not like most ppl who will say they in love and never meet him before, because to feel that kind of love from a person you will have to be around them and spend time together to let that kind of love grow for one another, but as most women I will love to be the woman on his arms.. But i do think he is so dang sexy I just love his smile that is what attracts me the most then his sexy body..

On: Aug 16, 2010

I would marry him if we feel in lov, money or fame i dont care about, its the person is what i would base a decision on

On: Aug 16, 2010
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I'm a 25 yr old young lady who loves life, Im currently pursing dreams in becoming an RN Nurse, It gets very stressful and hard at times but I know in order to get where you want to be, you got to do something that you dont want to do. I have no siblings yes I'm the only child, I have 1 parent which is my mom, my dad has been deceased for about 4 years now. My mom is my own, she is very ill and I make sure she has what she needs because she has done the same for me. My life is on track rigth now and Im loving it. One day a husband and a child will make it even more excting.. But for now Im doing me and living life.
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