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butterfly angel


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it simply amazing u are**love it :)

On: Nov 16, 2012

I m so exited to see it...Trey actor... say YESSSS

On: Nov 12, 2012

That's true, you're a very gentleman , a nice guy and I always stay here to listen your amazing voice<3 Dave in it's one of my favorite song so this video was very good, it attrack my vision of this life it. :)

On: Oct 29, 2012
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I'm a dream girl, my dream it's to dance nearof my best singer (Trey of course) but i know i've got a long way to reach my dream...i don't worry i know that GOD is with me^^. I'm simply with a lot of charm lool...thank you !!!! :-)
le mans
Dance, music learn english , listen r&b soul and dream about a new life around Dance
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boyz II men, backstreet boys,
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I say yes yes send me a tweet on my birthday.