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Hey, my name is Rachel as you already know i'm a huge Trey Songz fan. I live in Arizona if your ever in the area hit me up on TWITTER (@iSweetOnSongz) and follow me also i'm only on Twitter to talk to other Trey's Angels and connect with Trey Songz hopefully someday. We'll anything else you want to know... you know where find me Later Angels Rachel aka (my offical Angel NickName is #TheBabyFacedAngel)
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19 July 1986 # TeamCancer
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I agree what she said was out of line but there's no reason to go at each other on the level ya'll are going! She's entitled to her opinion and if you don't want to see her posts don't look. There's plenty of nice Angels on here (like myself). Can we agree to disagree and drop it. Were supposed to be Angels and that means a lot to me. Let's all be friends or at the very least civil, were all grown here. Now shake hands and be nice Angel ;)

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Rachel: Did you read the whole post on Love Faces. Do you think anyone should have the freedom to call people names and talk about their family on the board. Don't you think somebody should say it was wrong. Have you ever been the victim of that type of humour? Would you like to have Angels gang up on you and tell you that somebody did nothing wrong and you know they did? Would you like to be provoked after being insulted?