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Replied To: Last Time (Video)
On: Sep 20, 2009
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Ummm…Well I am GORGEOUS! lol. Well my name is Camilla but they call me Cmillz. As a person I am known to be high maintenance,materialistic n conceited but im NOT I juz think highly of myslef..If i dont Love me who'z goin 2 ?!!! At first I can b Really Shy 2 guy but when it comes 2 girls i can be a bitch lol but when you get to know me im real kool && out going.I dont strive to impress anyone, im unique cuz i do my own never a follower alwayz a leader!!I also have a difficult attitude which I get mad easily but i dont stay mad for long. I Heart : My Family.Tremaine Aldon Neverson.My Besties.Books.Every kind of music.Romantic movies.Fashion.Writing.Video games{So anytime u wanna play let me kno}.Sports.Laughing.Cartoons.Sitcoms. I Hate : Drama.Haters.Criticizers.LIERS.Stupidity.People.Cancelled plans.Girls.50 cent.feet.crackheads.Cute Boys with ugly attitudes.Crowded places.stubborness.Endinq Of a realtionships.YOU!!