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On: Apr 24, 2010
On: Apr 24, 2010
On: Nov 09, 2009
On: Sep 05, 2009
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i'm a senior in highschool. i don't have a favorite subject. when i go to college my major will be psychology. im 6ft1 i don't like raw celery. i like to draw.i like to exercise. i love chocolate. im not into politics. I listen to r&b, rap, pop, a little bit of rock, gospel I like comedy and action movies i look at the game and 106 & park on bet. america's best dance crew, so you think u can dance, i and csi miami. i also watch csi newyork i read romances psychology books, mysterybooks. my favorite books are i know who holds my tommorow by francis ray and playas handbook by brenda jackson they're both romances but not too sappy
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