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Im totally Trey all day on my Twitter Page @LuvnSongzFans were #TreyFam goes hard for him all day everyday and now that I got my PassionPainPleasure CD Im def gon be baggin dat all day on my IPOD... PassionPainPleasure 9-14 Gooo!!!!

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On: Sep 14, 2010

So on August 26, 2010 I attended the Trey Songz Passion Pain & Pleasure Tour in Cleveland Ohio. This was my 3rd time seeing him in concert but this time was going to be an experience to remember because I was going to Meet the man him self Tremaine Aldon Neverson also know as Trey Songz. When I actually met him the experience was so indescribable I was on cloud 9. After the Meet & Greet I was in the front row Whew, That's the ultimate experience so tempted to run on stage but I held my composure, I was singing n jamming to each n ever track word for word. This concert was much different from any other concert because Trey was moving on that stage like he was working it in the bedroom. Until the next Trey Songz Concert I attend this will be an experience to remember.
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On: Sep 14, 2010
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Im so addicted to Trey & proud to be 1 of his Angels, I'm the CandidAngel...My Twitter page is @Lo_okAtHer Trey followed on 12/17/10 & my fan page @Lo_okTreyFans
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