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Angela, it is 2 different sites. Many members here are from Trey Songz Music Board (TSMB) Trey Songz - Forum Powered by Eve for Enterprise. Trey's mom is on the forum and Trey periodically signs on. I think that site has been running since Trey debuted in 05. I just wanted to let you know because this site is so impersonal. It seems as if noone read responses or comments made by others and if you ask a question, you may as well forget it.

Replied To: vs TSMB (Forum topic)
On: Aug 04, 2009

I would go with him but first he would have to tell what's up, his plans, expectations. I have no problem being in his company with hopes of getting to know him better but 1st date sex is definitely out. If sex is what he expects, he needs to chose another. I'm not the one!

Replied To: What if... (Forum topic)
On: Aug 02, 2009

Trey is! I think Trey attracts females of all ages just as his music does. Chris is cute but I don't see him like I see Trey. Chris has grown up but he still has that boyish appeal to me. Trey is silly as hell but he appears to know how to get his grown man on!

Replied To: what about chris (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2009

I'll take it in stride. Trey is a celeb but he's a man, a human being. I would be happpy as hell but I wouldn't let him know it. A kiss on the lips would have me assuming he's interested. I don't think he kiss his fans on the lips, maybe the cheeks.

On: Jul 30, 2009

Helen who?

Replied To: What's up with Helen (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2009
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