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I love Trey's version but I'm getting used to Mario's version. I heard Trey's 1st like many on here. Trey's my man but I like Mario also.

On: Jul 30, 2009

I like majority of Trey covers but I have to give this one to Lil Wayne. I liked Wayne's better.

Replied To: Lil Wayne Vs Trey Songz (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2009

That's sweet! Glad you got through and got the opportunity to speak to him. According to the dates of the promo tours, Trey was sheduled to be in SC today. Shaninda, I see you're repping SC also. Do you know if he was in Columbia today?

Replied To: So Blessed (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2009

It would be you

On: Jul 30, 2009

I think Trey hs created a huge buzz with the mixtapes. I love most of Trey's covers and I think he's a great rapper but I think I love his singing better. I like how/when he collaborates both (rapping & singing) in songs.

On: Jul 28, 2009
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