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Just to hang out heck yeah!!... Like go to the movies, get something to eat etc...!

On: Jul 17, 2010

what attracts me the most about him is his personality.....!!! Like after watching his show "My Moment" I get a good vibe from him that he's good ppl...! I like that in a man.! He is also cute too but that's shudn't be what attracts ppl to him!! His music is also good too!!!

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On: Jul 17, 2010

Well I am from Atlanta and I been soo busy lately with working, school, and working out for basketball that I could not find any tickets for the show in August!! I tried calling the radio station but could not get through!! I really want to go to this concert soo bad!! I haven't been to a concert in years, being soo busy! I would be soo sad If i missed this chance to go and see Trey and Monica!! Is he going to be giving away any tickets for the show in Atlanta?

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On: Jul 15, 2010

If he would have knocked on my door, I would cry!! Because it would be the best gift I could ever get... I love his music, and to see him standing at my door would be the best thing...! I am a big fan!! I love his personality and his swag! He gets soo much respect from me!

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On: Jul 15, 2010
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