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I have always "liked" trey songz but since I recently attended one of his concerts I have grown to love his music ;) I am a single mother of one beautiful and intelligent son Jakobe. I live for him and sometimes I look to him for strength to move forward. I am a part time cashier @ Lowes home improvement and a full time student currently working on my bachelors in criminal justice. I have my associates in criminal investigation. I turn to trey songz music for relaxation and hope. I sing with you everyday trey!!!! Lol I am an Aquarius and it shows a lot I am very crazy in a funny way. I do not hurt anyone because I am only human as everyone else is. I will not talk down to anyone because that will cause me to lower myself. I used to smile a lot but now not so much but it does not take much to spawn a smile. I am a new found fan and will continue to enjoy this beautiful voice trey has!
horn lake
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civil twilight
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